Vapore 3000

Made in Italy

As opposed to a regular steam cleaner or steam machine, the VAPORE line utilizes dry vapor technology with a humidity level between 4 and 6%. This stainless steel vapor and vacuum Vapore 3000 Aspira ECOLO system is ideal for fast and efficient cleaning and is scientifically certified for decontaminating, disinfecting and cleaning thoroughly. The vapor and vacuum Vapore 3000 Aspira ECOLO does not include the detergent injection system allowing it to be a completely ECOLOGICAL way of cleaning. The accessory kit contains all vacuum accessories; Vapor only accessories are optional.

Feature Description

Boiler type Stainless steel

Exterior body Stainless steel

Boiler volume 2 L

Continuous fill Yes (5 L reservoir)

Vacuum option Yes

Injection option No

Pressure 6.5 bar (95 psi)

Temperature (in boiler) 195°C

Temperature (at the exit) 160°C

Working time Unlimited

Regulator Yes

Low water indicator light Yes

Ready indicator light Yes

Hose length 12′ (vapor and vacuum)

Vacuum reservoir 12 L

Suction power 1900 mm (water column)

Vacuum motor power 1000W

Vaporizer attachment No

Power cable length 10′ (3 m)

Dimensions (L x W x H) * 25″ x 17″ x 40″

Weight 55 lbs / 25 kg

Power supply 110V ~

Max power 700W + 800W

Amps 13 A

Warranty (parts and labour) 1 year (machine)/3 years (boiler)

* All measurments taken from the extre mities.