Noble Ion®️

Noble Ion®️ products offer the commercial industry the first effective yet safe odor elimination products. All of our products test at least 5 times more effective at eliminating odor than the current leading brands. For the first time, commercial cleaners can use an effective odor elimination product that is safe for their workers, customers, pets and the environment.

Noble Ion®️ products are effective for most organic odors including:

• Pet Urine (new spots and old crystallized spots)

• Human Urine

• Vomit, Bodily Fluids

• Cooking Odors

• Trash Dumpsters and Chutes

Noble Ion®️ products can be used on any surface including carpet, sub-floors, cement, wood, walls, baseboards, silk, leather, wool and fabrics. Safe for use in homes, garages, patios, decks, utomobiles, RV’s and boats