Ambient Scenting

For some businesses, setting the tone for your business is more than branding. It´s a powerful tool to manage customer touchpoints and create a pleasant that builds truts and make customer want to return.

There have been many studies on the power of scent affects mood. Ambient scenting with a scent marketing system allows you to direct customers in a gentle yet impactful way. By putting customers in the right mindset, you can enhance customer experience and help to mitigate stress and anxiety during tough customer interactions.

A few examples include:

  • Healthcare facilities use a soothing scent to calm patient nerves - they often see fewer cancellations as a result of installing a scent marketing system.
  • Gyms and fitness facilities foten incorporate brighy, invigorating scents which inspire action and make members feel more prepared to tackle their workout.
  • Senior living communities regularly include a calming fragrance to help new residents and their families feel more relaxed during the stressful process of choosing and moving into a new residence. They also report finding a soothing fragrance impactful for those suffering from sundown Syndrome.